Let's break the ice, shall we?

Some may call me a makeup artist, skin enthusiast or a modern day Venus (in my true Taurus rising fashion...if you know you know)

To clear the air, I am a creator. As a creator, I'm always in need of an outlet and I found one in birthing Benita Beauty: a blog dedicated to celebrating all layers of pulchritude.  I'm pretty tired of seeing the same standard of beauty on my screen so it's time for a switch up.

This blog is not only a creative expression but a product of my personal testimony. Education really is the key, but I believe experience is the best teacher. So welcome to Benita Beauty where I usher space for my truth, triumph, and taste in make-up, skincare and style!


It's That Time Of Year Again!

Did you all know that June is Acne Awareness Month? Gotta love social media for keeping us all up to date because who would have thought?...


An inside scoop on the Clean Beauty trend! El Yunque Rainforest Reservation, 2022 Spring is all about coming out of the old to make room...

Candida & Me: A Love Hate Story

Fighting and beating candida one lifestyle choice at a time. We can discuss what the problem is all day but until we understand the why...


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