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5 Must Haves for a Full Face!

The beauty industry is BOOMING!

I cannot help but feel overwhelmed by the number of make-up options we have nowadays. Just when I thought I found my staple products, something new drops (cough cough Fenty Beauty). Have no fear though. I realized the best way to tackle a problem is to break it down bit by bit. Here are 5 must haves for a full face!

  1. Maybelline FIT Me Foundation

This foundation is full coverage and non-comedogenic. Non-comedogenic products have ingredients meant to prevent clogged pores to reduce breakouts. The fact that this foundation is oil-free adds another plus! They have a wide variety of shades to select from which is important as inclusivity is the bare minimum when I support a brand. They give you the option to choose between a matte or dewy formula; something that I rarely see. Retail: $7.99

2. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Concealer is a great tool for color correcting and evening out your complexion. It gives that light weight feel but on a good day I can get away with just this concealer no foundation! NARS’ formula is also non-comedogenic which one of the primary reasons I stand by it. A little pricier than the drugstore brands, but worth the penny! Retail: $30

3. Black Radiance True Complexion Contour Palette

Another drugstore gem. This palette has great coverage. A little goes a long way with this one. They have two choices ranging from light to medium for fairer complexions and medium to deep for deeper skin tones. Plus, they throw in a highlighter shade too. To add a cherry on top of the sundae, it’s Black owned! Retail: $8.99

4. Juvia’s Place The Saharan Blush Palette II

If you thought for one second I would skip over blush, think again! Over the years, my appreciation for blush has grown fondly. It can bring a look from a 9 to a 10. Juvia’s reputation for pigmented products shows up in their blush palettes too! This is another affordable and quality Black owned brand. Retail: $18

5. NYX Lip Butter Glosses

I find myself grabbing for one of these any time I’m in the beauty supply store. Very affordable and the formula is superb. Their nude shades give a lot of these high brands a run for their money! Retail: $6.50

I hope these suggestions sparked your interests and calmed down any anxieties about where to begin. I would like to mention that these are my favorite. I have used each of these products throughout the years so I am speaking from my own experience. Something about the beauty community that often gets overlooked is the trial and error process. Everything is not for everyone. However, I find that these products are also well received throughout so I highly recommend you take a peek!

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