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Updated: Feb 14, 2022


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I saw it fitting to turn our attention from relationships with others to the relationship we have with ourselves! If you follow me on Instagram (which you ought to!), you will see that I started a 5 Day Self Love Challenge. Have you heard the famous saying “you can’t help others until you help yourself?” Well the same rules apply here because how are we going to thrive in interpersonal (between others) relationships if our intrapersonal (within self) relationships are not intact?

When mastering self-love, we must cater to the whole self. I dedicated each of the five days to five different life areas that we all could relate to. Though there are way more life areas to include, let’s go with the basics.

Physical Self:


We only have one body, therefore, we must treat her like the precious rare gem she is! Taking preventive measures is one of the most effective ways to care for the body in order to dodge avoidable illness or ailments. This could look like eating whole foods, working out or simply resting. This week I decided to stick to my skin routine no matter how lazy or unmotivated I may have felt.

Mental Self:


Rightfully, mental health has become a trending topic lately. However, I noticed that because it’s fusing its way into pop culture the fundamentals are getting lost in translation. Ensuring your mental health is an ongoing lifestyle choice that requires devotion, motivation and maintenance. At the center of everything we do is our mind. During the challenge, I dedicated time to journaling my thoughts. It’s a great way to release unapologetically and make some mental room for peace.

Spiritual Self:


Before we dive into this one, I want to set the record straight: spirituality and religion are not the same thing! Spirituality is universal and subjective. It essentially affirms our purpose and whole reason for being so I had to give it some shine this week too! I decided to book a Tarot card reading with my dear peer Lauryn of @lolobeknowin to connect with my higher self which is an entity of a larger universe.

Financial Self:


Some may find it interesting that I included this one in the challenge. Money provides security to meet our basic needs which caters to our natural drive to survive. Creating healthy money habits intersects with so many other life areas; some of those life areas even depend on it. I honored my financial self this week by deleting the food delivery apps from my phone (for this week lol) because that tends to be my kryptonite when it comes to saving!

Social Self:


We as people are naturally social beings. Please do not let the millennial, cultural or even generational campaign of “I don’t need no one but myself” fool you. We are all dependent on each other in some shape or form. Tending to your social self promotes feeling belonged, purposeful and lighter because we know we do not have to carry the weight of our inner world alone. I took the liberty of inviting my best friend out for Galentine’s Day to create new memories and take bomb pictures!

Although these activities really worked for me does not guarantee that it will align with you. Do not get discouraged! Valentine’s Day is one day but practicing self-love is a 365 day commitment. We all have plenty of time to learn our own meanings of self-love. The trick is to start.


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