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Candida & Me: A Love Hate Story

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Fighting and beating candida one lifestyle choice at a time.


We can discuss what the problem is all day but until we understand the why we are going to find ourselves back at square one every time. This can lead to feeling a number of negative emotions like anxiety, irritation, and hopelessness. I know this all too well because of my breakdown and breakthrough in 2017.

On December 31st, 2016, I recall heading to The Big Apple to bring in the New Year and showing my best friend a small cluster of red, itchy bumps along my left jawline. We both raised our eyebrows as we agreed that something was not right. Fast forward three weeks later, that cluster began to grow upward infecting my cheek area and right side too. As you can imagine, my emotions began to spiral. By May 2017, the infection made its way to both sides of my face up to my temples. I visited several dermatologists, tried various skin products and listened to countless, unwarranted advice from both loved ones and strangers. However, no one could give me what I truly needed: the why.

May 2017

That same best friend and her mother noticed the physical and emotional toll I fell under. In June 2017, they pulled some strings for me to see their family provider who practiced Eastern medicine. That appointment turned my entire life around. I finally learned the why: a candida overgrowth.
January 2018

Candida actually plays an important role in our bodies. This organic bacteria located in our gut helps with digestion and nutrition absorption. Okay so…if we all produce candida as a bodily function then why did that infection happen to me?

July 2019

Like all things, when balance lacks chaos will prevail; chaos definitely prevailed throughout my system during that period. Candida feeds on sugar and yeast which makes up most of the Western culture diet. The candida overgrowth ultimately stemmed from my lifestyle choices. A high intake of sugary foods, alcohol, a weakened immune system and overuse of antibiotics all factored in an overgrowth of candida which manifested on my skin. Candida infections can look different for different people. It can also lead to other health risks such as chronic yeast infections, diabetes, and even cancer.

November 2020

Once I learned the why, the smoke cleared. I began to make well-informed choices not just to heal my skin but my body from the inside out too. I cleaned up my eating habits, transitioned to Clean Beauty and prioritized my mental health. Don’t get it twisted though! This journey to wellness is not a straight path. I fell off the wagon multiple times. It requires discipline, grace and patience. It also needs accountability. Big up to my support system who continues to remind me of how far I’ve come and how far I can go. Trust me, I’m still going.

September 2021

When on any healing journey, do not neglect the process of learning the why. That is how problems turn into solutions! In 2022 and onward, we only have room for progress babes.

January 2022

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