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This Is Just My Truth...This Is Just My Truth

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Hopefully you said that in your best Ari Lennox’s voice after listening to her tale on Jasmine Sullivan’s latest album “Heaux Tales” where she shared from a place of self-compassion and acceptance. I’m bringing you the same energy.

The time was New Year’s Eve 2017. The place was Penn Station. As I embarked on my impromptu day trip to New York City, I noticed an odd circle of reddish bumps on the left side of my jawline. I gestured my best friend and her mother (two very health conscious individuals) for a prognosis as we waited for our train to arrive. They both replied, “Oh, I don’t know what that is”. Their response set the tone for the next five months where I spent countless hours searching for the answer with dermatologists, in the beauty aisles of Target, and reminiscing about the “good times” those face intruders did not exist.

Week after week, that once small circle began to migrate and invade both sides of my face up to my temples. I did not recognize the woman I saw in the mirror anymore. Beyond the painful cysts, I befriended some of society’s public enemies: hopelessness, confusion and shame. I no longer had control of my own body.

Cyclically, things started to work in my favor after my best friend and her mother introduced me to their naturopathic health coach. Strings were pulled. Prayers were answered. That June, after less than 30 minutes in his office, he calmly spoke the three magic words that changed my world forever: '
“You have candida”

In modern medicine terms, I battled with Candidiasis. It is an overgrowth of a natural bacteria that lives in our guts. It feeds on sugar and yeast so in order to treat it I had to starve it. Needless to say, diet helped me win the battle, discipline ended the war, and self-love granted me peace.

May 2017

February 2021

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