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It's That Time Of Year Again!

Did you all know that June is Acne Awareness Month? Gotta love social media for keeping us all up to date because who would have thought? A month dedicated to spreading awareness about acne and #skinpositivity. I, for one, stan.

Left: 2017 Right: 2022

I have thought long and hard about ways to not only celebrate the movement, but also how to keep it going. I decided to scale it into three simple steps anyone could follow. Even if you may not relate to the #skinpositivity movement, I think these tips could provide overall guidance for wellness, self-love, and living in your own truth.

Step 1: Extend Grace

I’m really into numerology these days and lately I have seen the number 5 EVERYWHERE! I recently learned this number is symbolic of grace. I feel like grace is that student in class that everyone knows of but no one really knows about. We hear this word a lot but do we really know what it means?

To extend grace is to be patient, compassionate, and kind with yourself. You only know what you know! Setting unrealistic expectations and rigid rules around your skin healing journey takes you further away from grace. You may find it easier to forgive yourself of certain choices and feel less frazzled when things do not also go as planned when grace is present. The skin healing journey is not linear; practicing grace gives you the opportunity to divide your attention evenly between progress and process. You deserve your flowers, today!


Step 2: Find Your Routine

Discipline is your friend on any journey but especially throughout the skin healing journey. As creatures of habits, building a routine creates more structure and support. This is how healing becomes an everyday choice! Having a solid routine can also keep you focused when life tries to throw you off course. You can return to your routine, reorder your steps and pick up where you left off without having to start all over.

When it comes to the skin healing journey, the routine goes beyond just #skincare. We are healing which means we have to approach it from a 360 lens. Your routine must also include activities related to your physical, emotional and spiritual self (yes, that means cut you know who off!) . Then we can target any obstacles from any angle that could stand in the way of achieving healthy skin.


Step 3: Think “Big Picture”

Small, everyday hiccups come along with any journey. The trick is to think of the big picture. One of my favorite ways to think "big picture" is to actually visualize what I want my desired outcome to look like. This helps me to put together the everyday short-term skin goals I need to complete to reach my long-term ones.

This type of thinking also reminds you of your “why”. Why is embarking on this healing journey important to you? How will it change your life for the better? These questions can keep you grounded so you can stand ten toes down if and/or when those feelings of doubt or discouragement come in.


As I mentioned before, Acne Awareness Month is not just about skin. We can all take advantage of this time to push for more representation, recognition, and rebranding of what “healthy” skin and wellness look like across the board. June already has this sense of joy and pride attached to it. I could not think of a better month to bring more awareness to #skin positivity.


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