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An inside scoop on the Clean Beauty trend!

El Yunque Rainforest Reservation, 2022

Spring is all about coming out of the old to make room for the new.

Whether or not you’re a beauty and skincare guru, you may have noticed the trend of more brands pushing for eco-friendly, natural, skin loving ingredients in products. Our beloved Target has a whole section dedicated to it called "Clean Beauty".

Clean Beauty advocates for less toxic elements in different make-up and skin products without removing its effectiveness. It usually advocates for animal rights and sustainability too. Believe it or not, Clean Beauty has found a way for beauty products to have just as much potency as the ones that have more of a chemical base. Some Clean Beauty products do have some synthetic ingredients, however, still gentle and effective.

2021 vs. 2016

My skin routine only consists of Clean Beauty. I healed my cystic, bacterial acne infection holistically through natural remedies and homeopathic medicine. I figured if natural products could aid me internally, it surely should help externally too. As you may have guessed, I was right! I used kitchen ingredients like yogurt and honey, clay masks and oils in the beginning of my journey. I took a major break from make-up only using NARS creamy concealer and Bare Minerals loose powder as I felt they were the least toxic on the market at the time. Although Clean Beauty in make-up is still advancing, I tend to just buy noncomedogenic products and favor Clean Beauty skincare brands.

Honey, Turmeric, and Sea Moss Mask

Fast forward years later with Clean Beauty gaining more popularity, there has been an increase in brands releasing products I can trust that mirror the items in my kitchen with a bit more spice. I for one am incredibly excited to see this shift! Check out my recent TikTok on my favorite Black Owned clean beauty brands today!

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